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People die in wars


84% of those who have died in wars since 1945 have been civilians.

The average number killed per year is 500,000


Children take part in wars


300,000 children are currently carrying weapons in wars. Army leaders use children because they are cheap, obedient and not afraid to kill.






Wars damage the environment


Agriculture, on which most of the world’s poor depend, is disrupted and irrigation systems destroyed. Land mines make land unusable long after the war is over.

Wars leave people disabled for life


For example, land mines can blow off an arm or a leg, leaving the victim alive, but totally dependent on family or government to stay alive.


Poor countries spend money on weapons


Rich countries who make weapons encourage poorer countries to buy them.

For example, South Africa has recently re-equipped its army at a cost of twice its housing budget and ten times its AIDS budget



Human Rights are violated


Those who have guns  get away with breaking the law.

Governments at war deny human rights to their citizens




Women suffer more in wars


Women are left to cope alone when men go off to fight.

War causes widows.

Soldiers rape women.


You get attacked with your own weapons


Countries which sell weapons may find them used against them in a war e.g. Exocet missiles used by Argentina against the British in the Falklands War, 1982. British “Blowpipe” missiles used against British forces in Afghanistan.



More weapons lead to more wars.


There are 40 wars going on at the moment, in 36 countries.