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The website of the Westmorland General Meeting 'Preparing for Peace' initiative




Northern Friends Peace Board has a very good links page, which PfP does not , in general, duplicate.

Northern Friends Peace Board are an organisation of Quakers in the north of Britain set up to support "the active promotion of peace in all its height and breadth".   

Britain Yearly Meeting
Quakers in the North West of England and North Wales
Quaker United Nations Office- Geneva
Quaker Council for European Affairs
Quaker Peace Centre, Cape Town South Africa

Bradford University Department of Peace Studies
Oxford Research Group is an independent team of researchers and support staff established in 1982 to develop effective methods for people to bring about positive change on issues of global and local security.

Saferworld  is an independent foreign affairs think tank working to identify, develop and publicise more effective approaches to preventing armed conflict.

A more secure world: our shared responsibility
UN Report of the High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change- December 2004

'The report puts forward a new vision of collective security, one that addresses
all of the major threats to international peace and security felt around the world.'

Peace Direct is a new organisation supporting grass roots peacemaking in conflict areas.

CRISE Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity- a Development reaearch centre within Oxford University supported by the Department for International Development. 

Peace Party-The Peace Party is a national UK political party, committed to campaigning for peace in all areas of society and culture. 

This short list of links to other sites should allow you to find out more about Peace Research and Quakers.   These sites all have their own lists of links that you can follow.  We welcome suggestions for sites that could be included here.

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