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WAYS TO PREVENT WAR- Otpor (Serb for Resistance)

Card 1

General instruction on each card

 You are a Serb living in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Your President is Slobodon Milosevic.  He has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, but he is still running the country.

You have heard that he has organised the killing of thousands of  Kosovan Albanians.

Your country has been bombed by NATO in a war over Kosovo.  44% of industrial production has been destroyed leaving your country the poorest in Europe.

Professors in universities have been instructed to sign a loyalty oath or lose their jobs.

He controls most of the media.

People who stand up to him are sometimes murdered.

People are not sure who they can trust.

No one agrees about what can be done.


Your cousin is a student and brilliant at grafitti.  He belongs to a group at the university called Otpor which grew from protests against the government’s sacking of university professors who did not sign loyalty pledges..  He has been arrested once on suspicion for spraying cartoons of Milosevic on public buildings.  He has confided to you that he has been invited to go with some other students on a course on non-violent resistance run by the International Republican Institute.  He would have to travel to Budapest in Hungary.  He would be trained in how to organise a strike, how to communicate with symbols (he is already good at that), how to play hide and seek with the police, how to respond to interrogation, and how to infiltrate the regime’s pillars of support eg the police.  He is trying to decide whether to go.


Please write to him and tell how you feel about it and what you think he should do.

WAYS TO PREVENT WAR- Otpor (Serb for Resistance)- Activity Notes