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Session Two: Violence amongst Individuals

 Learning Outcomes

        To demonstrate an understanding of the significance of self-image and self-esteem in relation to human behaviour.

        To demonstrate an understanding of the way groups work.

        To demonstrate an ability to interact well within a group and work well together.

        To identify and reflect upon the ways in which prejudice works in our world.



See Fact sheet 2

The way in which aggression is ultimately a way of achieving one's goal is discussed, as are the factors that contribute to war and aggression. The roles that people play in war are also discussed and the wars in Yugoslavia and Rwanda referred to.


  Teaching and Learning Strategies

All teachers have to explore and develop their own strategies for teaching and learning. It is however, suggested that most sessions should include

        a theoretical element,

        a practical, active element

        a reflective and evaluative element


Suggested Activities and Exercises

        Throughout your educational experience you have been in many groups. In pairs reflect upon the ways in which groups work. Identify the positive and negative aspects and think about the different roles people take within groups.

        Discuss in pairs what enhances a person's self-esteem and what undermines it? Draw a picture of yourself and write down the factors that have built and build your strong self-image

        A simple movement/drama exercise.

        In groups physically exclude one person. Hold a simple freeze-frame or frozen picture of the image. This image can be developed in a number of ways. The dominant group can at first only use sounds e.g. laughter, clapping, verbal mocking sounds etc whilst the person excluded must stay silent. Get the group to reflect upon the image and also ask the person excluded what it felt like.

        List the dominant prejudices in our society - where and how do they operate?

        Working in groups' plan and design a TV documentary about a current conflict situation either global or local. Think about what you want to convey and who you need to interview, the images to use the information to express and the context. This exercise may be performed if the group wish.

 Fact sheet 2

Scheme of work 1 Why are people willing to go to war?