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Preparing for Peace

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Session Four: A New Goal - Preparing for Peace

 Learning Outcomes

        Identify the key elements in how the arms trade works.

        Identify the keyways in which groups can work to counter prejudice and war.

        Demonstrate an understanding of what 'secrecy' does within our society.

        Demonstrate an understanding of cause and effect and the implications of our actions.

        Identify the possibilities for a culture of peace within our society and explore the ways in which education and group activities can help.



See Fact Sheet 4

The function and ways of working of the arms trade are outlined and the key causes of war discussed. A strong emphasis upon education is then outlined and the ways in which group dynamics are essential in the promotion of a culture of peace. The possibilities for future peace promotion are explored.

 Teaching and Learning Strategies

All teachers have to explore and develop their own strategies for teaching and learning. It is however, suggested that most sessions should include

        a theoretical element,

        a practical, active element

        a reflective and evaluative element


Suggested Activities and Exercises

        Gather information on the arms trade (bring in resources from the Internet, newspapers and other sources) discuss in groups the role our country plays within this sector of trade.

        Alone or in pairs reflect upon the idea of 'secrecy'. What do you keep secret and why? Discuss what happens to power and information when secrecy operates.

        Research Exercise. In groups discuss the three ways outlined to promote happier 'pro-social' group behaviour. Then in these groups research and prepare information about any other group whose beliefs and customs you know little about. This information can then be presented to the other groups.

        Explore simple trade games (see the Fair Trade Game) in which certain groups are given fewer resources and discuss the impact of this upon the group dynamics.

        Discuss the ways in which your school, class, or social group could support a greater promotion of peace. Having discussed a number of ideas chose one and prepare it by thoroughly discussing all the small details and identifying who needs to do what in order to make it happen.

        Reflect upon how your group has worked throughout these sessions and discuss whether or not your views have changed in relation to the issues of peace and war.

 Fact sheet 4

Scheme of work 1 Why are people willing to go to war?