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(A Study Guide for Young People)

Publisher: Westmorland General Meeting

ISBN 0-9550527-1-8  Cover price £5 (5 or more £2-50 each)   pb 31p

Suitable for studies in Citizenship, History or Religion ‘The Anatomy of War’ uses two experiences of modern war, reduced to manageable form as study material for young people, especially in the 16 – 21 age group.

To test the effectiveness of the tool of war students will study two very different twentieth century wars:

Case Study 1: Vietnam, 1962-73, between the USA and North Vietnam, cost the lives of over fifty thousand American soldiers and some four million Vietnamese.

Case Study 2: Rwanda, 1994, a civil war in many ways more typical of modern warfare. It caused 500,000 to 800,000 deaths in only three months.

Chris Culpin, Director, Schools History Project: ‘This ready-to-use material will encourage active involvement by students, using group work and informed discussion to address key relevant issues and reach their own informed conclusions.’

The study guide is part of a set of teaching schemes emerging from the project, Preparing for Peace, an initiative by Quakers.  The project posed a series of questions to experts on whether war works in today’s world. All the teaching schemes and the 25 papers from experts are downloadable from the web-site:


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