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Preparing for Peace
by asking the experts to analyse war.

Publisher: Westmorland General Meeting
ISBN 0-9550527-0-X Cover price £6-99 pb 287p

A simple idea: to pose a set of questions to experts on whether war
works in today’s world. This was how PfP started in 2000 among
Quakers in Cumbria & Lancashire. The experts are:

Dame Margaret Anstee General Sir Hugh Beach Sir Samuel Brittan
Professor John Cairns Jnr Professor Stephen Castles
Professor Martin van Creveld Professor Lynn Davies Dr Scilla Elworthy
Judge Richard Goldstone Dr. Paul Grossrieder Professor Beatrice Heuser
Professor Robert Hinde Professor Sir Michael Howard Yun-Joo Lee
Professor Paul Rogers Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat
Imam Dr. Abduljalil Sajid Dr Javier Solana Professor Hew Strachan
Dr. M.S.Swaminathan Professor Frances Stewart Sir Crispin Tickell
Brian Walker Professor Paul Wilkinson Dr. Chris Williams

From these diverse perspectives there emerges a disturbingly coherent picture of a human species placing itself in jeopardy. The primary agent of this jeopardy is war, and the usurper of the resources which might address its causes is war. The editors of PfP conclude that war is a redundant and obsolete institution and should be discarded. The twenty-first century offers a range of effective methods for transforming conflict and conducting peaceful international relationships.
The book summarises the arguments from the 24 lectures and papers, and includes a sample of 8 of them. All 24, plus newly commissioned papers are published on this site:

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