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Past Events

The lecture series is now completed.  The book 'Preparing for Peace: by asking the experts to analyse war' has been published and launched at the European Parliament in Brussels and at Westminster.
Some of these meetings are be publicised below:

18 February to 14 March 2007
Speaking tour including Bangkok, Perth, Hobart & New Zealand
Please make contact if you need details, some will be public meetings
.Trip General Book flyer

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Public Meeting
12 noon Friday 23 rd February 2007
St Andrew’s on the Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand POSTER

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Public Meeting
7.30pm, Monday 26 th February
Friends Meeting House, Condamine St, Turner, Canberra, Australia

Preparing for Peace
12 noon- 2pm Tuesday, 27 th February
Host Jeremy Farrall, Regulatory Institutions Network
Australian National University, Canberra

Preparing for Peace
Lunchtime meeting
12.30-2pm Wednesday, 28 th February
Host Russell Rollason, AusAID, Canberra

Preparing for Peace
Radio interview
9.30am Thursday, 1 st March
Host Katherine Purnell, Dove Talk, Quaker radio programme

Preparing for Peace
10.30am Thursday, 1 st March
Paul O’Callaghan, Director Australian Council for International Development and ACFID staff, Canberra.

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Mini-conference for 330 Year 11/12 students
Friday 2nd March 2007
Friends' School Hobart, Tasmania

Preparing for Peace
Presentation and discussion
Evening Friday 2 nd March 2007
Quaker Meeting House, Hobart, Tasmania

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Seminar for invited politicians and civic leaders
2-4pm Saturday 3rd March 2007
Hobart , Tasmania POSTER

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Public Meeting sponsored by University Law Faculty, UN Association of Australia, Tasmanian Peace Trust and Hobart Friends Meeting
7.30pm Saturday 3rd March 2007
Campus of University of Tasmania, Hobart

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Public Meeting
6pm Thursday, 8 March 2007
Social Science Lecture Theatre, Social Science Building, University of Western Australia, Perth
(Hackett Entrance 1, Car Park 2) POSTER

PEACE and WAR in the 21st Century
Date and time to be arranged between 9th-12th March
Venue to be arranged, Bangkok, Thailand


And the programme continues:

Autumn 2006.
A joint Sixth Form seminar with Bootham School, York.
Closed event

Spring 2007
Sandhurst Defence Forum
Closed event

Spring 2007
University of the Third Age, Cambridge
Contact Local U3A branch

Spring 2007
Somerset Quakers
Open to Quakers or by arrangement

Spring 2007
S.E. Scotland. Quaker Monthly Meeting Learning Partnership.
By invitation Quaker Monthly Meeting Clerk

February./March 2007
PHSE annual conference, London
Closed event

April or May 2007
Edinburgh - joint Quaker meetings Friends (Princes Street) with South Edinburgh Quaker Meeting.
Contact Phil Lucas (Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House Warden) 01312254825

Early 2007
Irish Dail, Dublin
By invitation, contact Irish Quakers or your Member of Dail

April 2007
Irish Quaker Yearly Meeting.
Open to Quakers or by arrangement

Friday 4 to Monday 7 May 2007
Britain Yearly Meeting, London. Stand plus special interest group
Open to Quakers or by arrangement

11 to 13 May 2007.
North West Soroptimists Conference.
Closed to public

Summer 2007.
Development Studies Dept, Open University Milton Keynes
Closed event

Saturday 21 to Saturday 28 July 2007
Britain Summer Gathering, Stirling. Stand plus special interest group
Open to Quakers or by arrangement

November 2007
Blackpool Sixth Form College Memorial Lecture
Closed to College

Note the Project officially finished in Summer 2007 Speakers are no longer available but we do give you the resources.

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