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Site History

25-03-2002 site initially published
26-03-2002 email input enabled 
27-03-2002 email restructured, text search added, coming events added
11-04-2002 gifted paper: Robert Hinde "Why are people willing to go to war ?" published
28-06-2002 lecture: Imam Dr Abdul Jalil Sajid "Islam and ethics of war and peace" published
28-06-2002    lecture: Steven Castles "Environmental change and forced migration" published
22-07-2002 gifted paper: Sir Samuel Brittan "The ethics and economics of the arms trade" published
26-09-2002 lecture: Professor Paul Rogers "The environmental costs of war" published
26-09-2002 lecture: Dr Paul Grossrieder "The human costs of war" published
08-01-2003 lecture: Professor Hew Strachan "Can war be controlled and contained?" published
08-01-2003 lecture: Paul Wilkinson "Terrorism: Implications for World Peace" published
08-01-2003 paper: M S Swaminathan "Peace Dividend:  Pathway to achieving UN Millennium Goals" published
11-02-2003 paper: Dr Christopher Williams and Lee Yun Joo  "The minds of leaders: de-linking war and violence"
09-09-2003 lecture: Brian Walker "A Quaker's View of 21st Century War"
09-09-2003 lecture: Sir Crispin Tickell "The UN  and the Future of Global Governance"
13-10-2003 gifted paper: Brian Walker "Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the Quakers, and the Abolition of War"
13-10-2003 gifted paper: Professor John Cairns "War and Sustainability"
18-11-2003 gifted paper: Professor Hugh Miall "Conflict Transformation: A Multi-Dimensional Task
10-02-2004 gifted paper: George Monbiot "We the Peoples: Building a World Parliament"
02-07-2004 lecture: Judge Richard Goldstone "Prosecuting War Criminals"
03-01-2005 paper: Javier Solana 'Effective Multilateralism'
03-01-2005 paper: Professor Lynn Davies 'Conflict and Chaos: War and Education'
11-01-2005 paper: Dame Margaret Anstee 'Leading a UN Mission: Angola 1992-93'
20-01-2005 education scheme of work: Chris Culpin 'Can war be successful in achieving its aims?'
15-02-2005 paper: Professor Frances Stewart 'Development and security'
21-07-2005 book published.  Details here.
1-01-06 Anatomy of War published in book form  Details here
1-01-06 education schemes of work: Chris Culpin The economics of the arms trade
                                             Ruth Quinn   Why are people willing to go to war?
1-01-06 education activities: A vocabulary for peace and war
                                The arms trade: a "diamond nine" exercise
13-01-06                               Ways to prevent war - Christian Peacemaker Teams
                                Ways to prevent war - Otpor (Serb for Resistance)

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