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    General Sir Hugh Beach Is was successful in achieving its objects ?
    Dr Scilla Elworthy How wars could be prevented
    Professor Beatrice Heuser Is war successful in achieving its objects ?
    Professor Sir Michael Howard War against terrorism
     Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat The quest for global peace
     Professor Robert A Hinde Why are people willing to go to war ?
    Imam Dr Abdul Jalil Sajid Islam and ethics of war and peace
     Stephen Castles  Environmental change and forced migration
    Sir Samuel Brittan The ethics and economics of the arms trade
    Dr Paul Grossrieder The human costs of war
    Professor Paul Rogers The environmental costs of war
    Professor Hew Strachan Can war be controlled and contained?
    Paul Wilkinson Terrorism: Implications for World Peace
    M S Swaminathan Peace Dividend:  Pathway to achieving UN Millennium Goals

    Dr Christopher Williams

    & Lee Yu Joo

The minds of leaders: de-linking war and violence

    Sir Crispin Tickell The UN and Future Global Governance
    Brian Walker A Quaker's View of 21st Century War

    Brian Walker

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), the Quakers and the Abolition of War

    Professor John Cairns Jnr. War and Sustainability
   George Monbiot We the Peoples: Building a World Parliament
   Judge Richard Goldstone Prosecuting War  Criminals
   Javier Solana Effective Multilateralism
   Professor Lynn Davies Conflict and Chaos: War and Education
   Dame Margaret Anstee Leading a UN Mission: Angola 1992-93
   Professor Frances Stewart Development and Security


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