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Professor Beatrice Heuser


Professor Heuser is Professor of International and Strategic Studies in the Department of War Studies, Kings College, London.  Her specialist interest is the Cold War and European nuclear strategy.


Education:                       MA (London), D. Phil. (Oxford)
Jobs include: Dept of War Studies, Kings College, London, 1991-
Roles include: Consultant to UK Ministry of Defence, European Commission & NATO

Achievements include:







Research on documents from former E. German military archives and interviews with former E German generals revealed that in 1983 Soviet generals warned secretly that there was a real threat of nuclear conflict; the nearness to nuclear conflict was greater than in the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The reason was that they believed NATO exercise Able Archer '83 to be a possible full-scale nuclear assault.  They were already worried by Reagan's Star Wars initiative and the planned siting of Cruise missiles in Europe.

Publications include:  Nuclear Mentalities? Strategies & Beliefs in Britain, France & the FRG, 1998
Victory in a Nuclear War? A comparison of NATO & WTO War Aims & Strategies, 1998.
Britain, France&the FRG: Nuclear Strategies & Forces for Europe 1949-2000, 1997

(Information dated 20.10.01)

Lecture:  Is war successful in achieving its objects ?


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