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General Sir Hugh Beach, GBE, OBE, KCB, MC

Sir Hugh Beach saw active service in France and Java and was awarded the Military Cross.  He then had various top staff appointments including Master General of the Ordinance and Director of the Council for Arms Control.  Since retiring he has worked tirelessly for peace mainly through Christian organisations and has numerous publications.

b. 20.5.23. 

Education:                    MA  Peterhouse, Cambridge

Major jobs include:        Commander of the Staff College, Camberley, 1974-75

                                     Deputy Commander-in-Chief UK Land Force, 1976-77

                                     Master-General of the Ordnance, 1977-81  

Other roles include:        Director of the Council for Arms Control, 1986-89

                                     Vice-chair of the Council for Arms Control, 1989-99

                                     Member Peace Forum CTBI, 1986-

                                     Member of Committee of Management for Council for Christian

                                     Approaches to Defence & Disarmament, 1988-

Achievements include: One of 57 former generals and admirals from the USA, Russia, Britain, France and 13 other countries, who signed a statement on the future of nuclear weapons in 1996.  “We, military professionals, who have devoted our lives to the national security of our countries…are convinced that the continuing existence of nuclear weapons…constitute a peril to global peace and security…”                                                                 

                                     In 1997 he made the case against land-mines in a letter to The Times.

                                     Publication of numerous papers on military matters and arms control.  

(Information dated 14.7.01)

Lecture: Is war successful in achieving its objects ?


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