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Professor Robert Hinde

Professor Robert Hinde is a scientist.  His early interest in animals broadened to include the study of human behaviour.  During the latter part of his career his focus included human aggression and the phenomenon of war.  This work has developed into an exploration of how peaceful relationships are sustained.





Oundle School

St John's College, Cambridge

Balliol College, Oxford

Major jobs include:


Royal Society Res. Professor, Cambridge University

Hon. Director, MRC Unit on Development & Integration of Behaviour


Other roles include:


2003, Chair of the British Pugwash Group

Supervisor of Diane Fossey's research on gorillas in Central Africa.


Achievements include:


1993, Royal Medal, Royal Society

Publications include:


Animal Behaviour: a Synthesis of Ethology & Comparitive Psychology 1966

Biological Bases of human Social Behaviour

War: A Cruel Necessity? 1995

War  No More: Eliminating Conflict in the Nuclear Age, with Robert Rotblat, 2001/03


Dec. 2003

Paper: Why are people willing to go to war?

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