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 Supplementary Papers

The original programme of lectures and papers is complete and the book Preparing for Peace has been published, but as Sydney Bailey, the famous Quaker peace campaigner said "Peace is a process to be involved in and not an end in itself". There are a number of papers that have come to the notice of the planning group that are relevant to the peace process.

Submission of papers to this section is by invitation. If you are aware of, or have produced a paper that covers a relevant subject or will be helpful by producing additional background to this initiative, please get in touch with the planning group.

Papers are listed in the order they have been received.


Author L. C. Jain

Getting to Know Jainism in the context of a warring 21st. century (pdf file - 17 pages - 75kb)

Author: Robert Fisk
Paper A Beiruit Elergy (pdf file - 6 pages - 35 kb)
Author George Farebrother
Paper The Law and Nuclear Weapons (pdf file 15 pages - 91kb)

Jawad Botmeh

Paper    Civil Resistance in Palestine: The village of Battir in 1948 (pdf file - 41 pages - 390 kb)

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