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Copyright statement

All rights reserved and apart from the circumstances specified below, no part of the material on this website may be reproduced in any form or for any means without written permission of the Preparing for Peace management group.

However it is the aim of the project to promote and develop the thinking that we can Prepare for Peace and that there is an alternative to war. All papers may be freely copied and reproduced to develop these aims.

We do ask that where any material is reproduced appropriate credit is given to Westmorland General Meeting‘s Preparing for Peace project and that the authors are appropriately accredited.

We hope all these papers will be widely used in educational and academic circles and beyond for demonstrating the potential for a way forward in world politics without the need for warfare. To assit with this many of the papers have been edited to A4 pages in pdf format to assist you in copying, distributing and using as course handouts.

The authors of all the papers and the education materail have already given their consent for the material to be used in this 'no restriction' basis.

If there is any commercial use or wish to use the material beyond this waiver it is important to contact the Preparing for Peace project. Email

If you are using our material for educational or academic purposes we would be interested to be informed. Email

Many thanks

On behalf of the Preparing for Peace Project.


We welcome your comments and observations about the initiative, and this site.  Please see the contacts page for addresses.

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